The family is the primary social institution in every community. Families make up communities, and communities make up a nation. I remember quite well when my sons took their pet hamsters to school for the “show and tell” portion of their class, and the Mommy Hamster started giving birth, and in sheer horror started eating her babies in front of the other school children. I ended up having to pick up the hamsters and my kids. I can always say, “What’s your problem with an animal eating its young, right?” They are animals. Certain species do that.
In real human societies, eating our children is taboo. It’s a social deviance. Social norms dictate that as families, we have stay together and help one another. We take care of our sick and our elders and we nurture our relationships with each other no matter how challenging it may be, and that’s the reason for our progress and civilization. At least, that’s what I believe.
We make our choices in life. If you can live with the choice you’ve made, alienate your family and put them in dire situation, that‘s perfectly OK with me, I will not judge you. They will fight you if they want to. Some people are sad because they have lost connections with their friends and families. We love our families and friends. I don’t care about your plane or your money. I can’t take all that with me in my grave. Spare those of us, who value families and friendships. Those memories are more important to us.

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