Never in my wildest imaginings did it ever cross my mind that the church will be in its current state of affairs.  There was no way I could have ever conceived it will happen to the church.  Sometimes, I ask myself why I even care since I left the church a long time ago but somehow, I keep going back to that reality that when I left the church, I never left my friends and my family and the respect for the church I once belonged to.

Like most of you, I question the same things.  How could Eduardo treat his legacy with indignation?  How could he ever watch the church divided in state of chaos?  What could he have done better?  I guess we will be wondering about the answers until all the dust settle, or maybe, we will never know.   So for now I would just like to share with you my observations and analyses as objectively as I can to make sense of what motivates someone to act or not to act in any manner predicted by the general population.

No member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, will ever question the unprecedented success of the Iglesia ni Cristo under the leadership of Ka Felix and Ka Erdy.   Both of them are recognized as “RESPECTED RELIGIOUS LEADERS.”  INC under Ka Felix stood the ravages of war.  From a handful of listeners, after 49 years of existence, the INC had 1,250 local chapels and 35 large concrete cathedrals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Manalo

After the death of Ka Felix, people predicted the failure of the church when Ka Erdy took leadership.  Contrary to what critics predicted, Ka Erdy led the church to achieve global expansion.

Enter Eduardo…  He has 2 big shoes to fill.  Imagine the mounting pressure to live up to or exceed his grandfather’s and father’s legacy.  That’s mind-blowing.  He has to re-invent himself.  Lacking the qualities of a competent leader, he has to RE-INVENT THE CHURCH by the introduction of a “new culture” to disassociate himself from the historical and epic achievements of Ka Felix and Ka Erdy.   In an effort to cement his name in the history of the church, he has to SHRINK those big shoes to fill.  He, not only attempted to shrink those big shoes, but he also tried to destroy and bury them.

Consumed with his delusional portrayal of himself as the “BELOVED” and the “WAY TO SALVATION,” EVM has a very deep desire to go down in history as the one who “revolutionized” the church.  He created an institution that preyed on the weak, the poor, and the socially and economically disadvantaged.

EVM created a religious institution resembling “Corporate America,” where the CEO and high ranking officers and their families get the perks and the treats.  EVM capitalized on the previous years of financial success of the church to extend its economic and political control as far as encroaching on the Philippine government, and at the same time callously using the same money given by the members to subdue them with threats of expulsion or being cast in the lake of fire.

Next time you think this is all about faith, total submission and obedience to God, think about the BIG SHOES EDUARDO HATES TO FILL!



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