Have faith that there are still ministers out there looking out for the flock. One case of a few rotten apples can rot a whole barrel of apples.  However, your ministers are not apples.  They are humans, and capable of thinking what environment is conducive to the survival of the flock.

I have decided to take a scientific analysis on this matter, so as to avoid having to come up with my own EVIDENCE.

What causes the decay in fruits?  Blame it on ethylene.

Ethylene is a small hydrocarbon gas. It is naturally occurring, but it can also occur as a result of combustion and other processes. You can’t see or smell it. Some fruit will produce ethylene as ripening begins. Apples and pears are examples of fruit that produce ethylene with ripening.

Ethylene is manufactured and released by rapidly growing tissues (i.e., meristems) in roots, senescing flowers, and ripening fruit.  For example, the darkened spots on a ripe banana release great amounts of ethylene.  Ethylene has many effects on plants including being responsible for the stunting of plants in high winds or when repeatedly touched.   In addition, ethylene promotes fruit ripening.  Like many hormones, it does so at very low concentrations.  Apple growers take advantage of this by picking fruit when it is not ripe, holding it in enclosed conditions without ethylene, and exposing it to ethylene right before taking it to market.  This process is why we have newly ripened apples grown in temperate North America even in the spring and summer (apples ripen in the fall).

I know… you’ll ask me what the hell does ethylene got to do with the ministers.  Well… I really don’t know.  I’m just trying to stay away from being too upset reading my FB account so I thought about writing a Fairy Tale, which goes:

Once upon a time..

The God of Apples picked out all the good ministers before they get infected.  HE set them aside, and puts them in the Fairyland where there is no ETHYLENE.  From here, I don’t see a happy ending.  Maybe those apples didn’t get rotten, but I can’t end my story there.  Maybe you can finish the story for me until the point when everyone lived happily ever after.



  1. The way I see it (in connection with your story ), God will remove the original bad apple together with all the rest of the infected apples. He can make apple pie with them for all I care. The remaining ones, He will scrutinize them carefully till He is satisfied it can still remain IN the basket. The good ones he initially set aside, He will return it to the basket on TOP of the rest of the apples.


  2. I can attest that this church is the only true church despite whats happening right now..its been 8 years that i did not attend worship services.. despite i am a son of a minister and a choir member for 10 years.. and i even attempted enrolling as BEM ( ministry course).. but to no avail..

    my father was a minister for more than 50 years.. “panahon pa ng sugo at naging malapit sa ka Erdy.” my father was getting impatient and he wanted to report to ka EVM directly the rampant corruption inside.. like playing chess, we had our plans and variations how to win.. but all of a sudden he got sick and just a matter of week.. he passed away.. i was left alone. seems God did not approve our plan.seems not a noble cause.. i blamed my self for the supposedly wrong moves.. i was devastated .

    But then i saw the youtube video of ka tenny and ka angel.. eureka, i found the light. Aleluia..God is righteous.. i told my self if my father still alive right now, he will lead some of his close friend ministers straight to central to demand for explanation believing that ka EVM will uphold the truth and our doctrine.. ( he did that before during the time of ka Erdy but nobody got expelled, instead most of them got promoted.) but this time i know for sure what will happen next.. my father together with whoever he convinces will be TIWALAG right away without DUE PROCESS.. ..

    if ever i’ll write a life story of my father, your prelude “The God of Apples picked out all the good ministers before they get infected. HE set them aside, and puts them in the Fairyland where there is no ETHYLENE. ” you nailed it.. and will be best suited as my epilogue…

    God Bless
    Jay M.


  3. (Pls I want to remain Anonymous for my safety, but this is going viral in the Network54 Forums)
    Let us all hit the corrupt INC Sangunnian where it hurts them the most…
    Say “NO” to the SPECIAL MONETARY OFFERINGS THAT WILL END UP IN THEIR PERSONAL POCKETS…(Special Offerings) (Holy Supper Offerings) (Mid-Year Thanksgiving Offerings) (Year-End Thanksgiving Offerings) and any Offerings that will end up in INC CENTRAL… Until the Corrupt INC Santos Administration steps down and our Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo finally man-up and stop hiding behind his Office Desk and expel the evil Santos Sangunnian and cohorts amongst you. and re-establish the love and unity of our beloved late Bro. Erano Manao and Family. And to bring back all the expelled INC Ministers (These are the true ministers of the Gospel that risked their ministerial offices to expose the INC Sangunnian Corruption and Scandals…) They must be all restored back to the fold including all INC Brethren that were wrongfully expelled.
    All INC Brethren are encourage to BOYCOTT all the Offerings stated above until the INC is restored to its original state.
    Many INC Brethren and Officers in Europe, Western Seaboard USA, especially Northern California and Japan are now participating in this boycott… What about the rest of the INC World…??? Join the fight against the Evil, Devil-Inspired INC Sangunnian… Where are the true ministers like Bro. Teofilo Ramos and Bro. Angel Cassanova… The days of Bro. Ciprano Sandoval and the other Pioneering Ministers that made the INC to where it is now… Then came along the New Generation INC Ministers like “Check Yo Self Befo’ Yo Wreck Yo’Self” minister like Rex Rosquites and others like him that allowed our INC Youths to dance and hip hop in our sacred INC grounds… and allowing our young INC sisters and condone them to wear miniskirts and makeup and jewelry to our sacred Worship Services, and these fake NewGens ministers to allow and condone smoking in front of the chapels, that is a sore eye to the local Christian communities…
    The INC is not the same INC I grew up with and hell will I allow my children to be part of the NewGens INC Sangunnian like Jun Santos and Company… Business Company included…
    Restore the Iglesia Ni Cristo USA is in the works through the hand of God, we will persevere…
    Boycott all non-essential offerings as stated above… Only participate in locale level offerings such as $1 during worship service… If all in the Locale Congregation give One Dollar in their respective locale, it should be enough to sustain the Locale and no money should be sent to INC Central unless the INC Sangunnian steps down or end up in jail for Illegal Detention of our Bro. Isaias Samson and Family.

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      1. Isn’t it obvious that when God commanded his people to give offerings,your group is calling not to do God’s will. So who is the instrument of Satan here?



  4. Troll spotted! Elisea! Don’t you have something substantial to say other than that? How about some rebuttal about the issues the Church is facing right now?

    PS: I’m not a tiwalag. Please don’t come with that BS. You’re only making yourself worse.


    1. you’re not? hahahaha! liar liar ants on fire. oh wait, it is a given fact that you’re all liars anyway.

      1. how many ministers were abducted? 10? 4? 1? LMAO give us concrete number


      1. so the story goes, all the corruption through trial by publicity is just that. None was taken to the court of law because the few who did, were all dismissed and failed. shame on you all. shame on your malicious attacks! shame on your gossips and hearsays just so you can keep doing your evil deeds. God is great, He showed that all the evil in the world cannot harm the Iglesia Ni Cristo. May your souls find peace, because I doubt after fighting us, you will ever find it.


      2. Nanny nanny boo boo! Go tinky on the toidy! Read 1 Cor 13:11 For your sake, I suggest you quit now.

        You better go pray hard for forgiveness. I hate to say it, but you will be in the Lake of Fire with those that you denounce. You still have time to repent. 1 Thess 4:16-17 has not occurred yet.

        If you try to denounce me as a tiwalag, guess who the liar is? Read 1 John 4:20-21. In short, he who hates brother or sister is a liar. That person’s fate is written in Rev 21:8


  5. Elisia…. grow up. The Resident Minister of Anaheim CA lost a court case where he tried to file a restraining order (public record does not lie). The libel cases against Fruto and Samson were dropped. The habeas corpus was withdrawn by the Yanson family.

    I observe you denouncing active members who do not agree with you. 1 John 4:20-21 state he who hates brother or sister is a liar. Rev 21:8 has a place for them. Who is the liar?

    I suppose you want to see the Manalos boiled in oil and skinned alive WITH THEIR CHILDREN and are self gratifying yourself because there is no power in the compound.

    Do you have any idea what goes on in the ministry? Like how they handle mental health issues with ministers’ wives?

    Did God teach us to hate? Does God accept a prayer to curse people?


  6. Don’t want to bust your bubble Miss Elisea, but the score in court is even. The plaintiffs in the Samson/Fruto cases lost on both sides (the libel cases by the INC got thrown out and the illegal detention cases got thrown out). In the United States, the restraining order petition by the resident minister vs the Deocampo family was thrown out as was Lilibeth Rose’s case vs Steve Inocencio. The Yanson family withdrew the habeas corpus against Lowell Menorca.

    Expelled is expelled, period; however, expelled can be fixed. That means one who marries a non member is just as much expelled as the one that spoke out against EVM. God is not going to judge people until 1000 years after the first resurrection (read Rev 20). Some of the expulsions were for offering aid; in fact, 24 got expelled because 8 walked out of LA in a fit of anger. Another got expelled for saying somebody didn’t cause a disturbance in Anaheim. These people were judged by men! Romans 2:1 says those who judge others do so according to their own sins.

    You explain to me why the INC defied 2 court orders to remove the guard house and porta potty at 36 Tandang Sora. Why does the Sanggunian think they are above showing up in court.

    I’m sure that you want to boil the Manalos in oil and skin the children alive just like the other hateful fanatics in our once pristine Church.


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