Have faith that there are still ministers out there looking out for the flock. One case of a few rotten apples can rot a whole barrel of apples.  However, your ministers are not apples.  They are humans, and capable of thinking what environment is conducive to the survival of the flock.

I have decided to take a scientific analysis on this matter, so as to avoid having to come up with my own EVIDENCE.

What causes the decay in fruits?  Blame it on ethylene.

Ethylene is a small hydrocarbon gas. It is naturally occurring, but it can also occur as a result of combustion and other processes. You can’t see or smell it. Some fruit will produce ethylene as ripening begins. Apples and pears are examples of fruit that produce ethylene with ripening.

Ethylene is manufactured and released by rapidly growing tissues (i.e., meristems) in roots, senescing flowers, and ripening fruit.  For example, the darkened spots on a ripe banana release great amounts of ethylene.  Ethylene has many effects on plants including being responsible for the stunting of plants in high winds or when repeatedly touched.   In addition, ethylene promotes fruit ripening.  Like many hormones, it does so at very low concentrations.  Apple growers take advantage of this by picking fruit when it is not ripe, holding it in enclosed conditions without ethylene, and exposing it to ethylene right before taking it to market.  This process is why we have newly ripened apples grown in temperate North America even in the spring and summer (apples ripen in the fall).

I know… you’ll ask me what the hell does ethylene got to do with the ministers.  Well… I really don’t know.  I’m just trying to stay away from being too upset reading my FB account so I thought about writing a Fairy Tale, which goes:

Once upon a time..

The God of Apples picked out all the good ministers before they get infected.  HE set them aside, and puts them in the Fairyland where there is no ETHYLENE.  From here, I don’t see a happy ending.  Maybe those apples didn’t get rotten, but I can’t end my story there.  Maybe you can finish the story for me until the point when everyone lived happily ever after.