I have never been the “religious” type of person by any book.  I remember how my parents used to reprimand me (I’m the leader, of course!)  and my siblings whenever we to talk about how many fish died during the the Great Flood.  To this day, I’ve always wondered why Noah allowed the fish to die, or maybe he didn’t.  Maybe, someone just forgot to write it in the Bible.

The church members are empowered by their belief, regardless of any moral implications, that their obedience will take them to their Heavenly Abode, just like trying to keep a kid quiet, hence, the noisy kid can’t go to Disneyland to see Mickey.  If someone assures me of my salvation at the expense of depriving people their BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, condoning treachery, misleading people, hating people who are opposed to my ideas, Heaven has no meaning to me.

Is it ignorance that led this church to its “sorry state?”  Highly unlikely. The new breed of the INC takes pride in its “force by numbers.”  They take pride in the glory of the magnificent Philippine Arena, the luxury cars and businesses owned by their leaders and their lavish lifestyles. The once oppressed church, is now a powerhouse and a power broker.  The church that was once an icon of persecution and poverty had evolved.  The members are now solidified by their affiliation to a church that wields its influence in the economy and politics of the Philippines. The church reached its highest glory.  Praise the Almighty!

What is SO WRONG, then?

The church members still remain living in sub-standard conditions despite the riches of the church. Majority of church members could barely afford to put food on their table.  This is not a story anyone can spin.  I’ve been around those families more than you can imagine.  They have no money to take care of their sick, or at worst, bury their own dead.  I’m sure even the Sanggunian members can bear witness to my story.  The Sanggunian members didn’t come from royal families.  They are from happy and underprivileged families, who were respected by church members. How could this have happened?  Have they been deprived of the material things in the past?  Did they just suddenly wake up from that deprivation and realized that material things can be easily obtained by a little craft?  Ask yourself this – Did you want a career or you want to take care of the church?  Fair warning, don’t use the church as a vehicle to achieve your personal and career goals.

So, did the fish really die during the Great Flood.  It doesn’t matter to me now. I just believe.  Besides, there are no moral issues involved why Noah didn’t save the fish, or did he?  Maybe, I should blame my unlucky stars for being too inquisitive, as the old saying goes, “Ignorance is bliss.”



  1. The Word Is Out, The INC Santos Admin has a weakness and can be taken.

    This is now going viral and spreading across the world to all INC Members that are against corruption inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo…

    The INC Santos Administration cannot be fought with power to power. But they do have a weakness and it depends on their survival, its called Offerings…

    It is known that the Corrupt INC Sangunnian have been stealing God’s offering for a while now and using it for their personal gain and power, and we all know, Our Lord God is very very angry with the INC Church Leadership by what is happening to our church recently…

    Cut off their power, the INC Sangunnian will fall… and their personal power, their personal business will fall and there true desperation will be shown to all, and All will see their true intentions as corrupt leaders of INC…

    The word is out… DO NOT OFFER MONETARY OFFERINGS AT THEIR REQUEST, THAT INCLUDES CASUAL SPECIAL OFFERINGS AND MID-YEAR and THANKSGIVING OFFERINGS… Only contribute to the LOCALE and CHAPEL OFFERINGS ONLY…meaning these locale offerings and chapel offerings will sustain the locale they belong to… But any other offering that will go to CENTRAL OFFICE, Do not participate… Let the INC SANGUNNIAN feel the pressure from the millions of INC who are silent but will anonymously refuse to participate in SPECIAL OFFERINGS…

    ALL THE SPECIAL OFFERINGS WILL GO TO THE INC SANGUNNIAN and thats how they manage their power including their political power.

    CUT OFF THEIR SUPPLIES, CUT OFF THEIR POWER… Do you not know the INC SANGUNNIAN is using our offerings for the lawyers and legal counsel in their hopeless fight against Brother Angelo and Sister Tenny and Bro. Isaiah and other brethen who exposes the INC SANGUNNIAN corruption?

    THE INC SANGUNNIAN are using the feeble minded brethren to protect them, and uses our offerings to remain in power in the INC Hierarchy.

    ALL INC MEMBERS in USA, Only give $1 (OUR USUAL AMOUNT IN OFFERINGS) to only the Locale and Chapel Offerings, But during the Worship Service, any Residential Minister that announces and so-called Special Offering inside white envelope, Make sure the White Envelope is empty or a small note on paper stating “Supporter of INCDEFENDER.ORG and the Reformed Iglesia Ni Cristo USA”



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