It’s been such a long time since I’ve been searching for answers as to how a You Tube video could have lead to the expulsion of the Manalo Family, along with numerous ministers and members.  I played so many dynamics in my head, looking for any social, political, or historical relevance of the many events to follow.

It all started that one fateful evening when a couple of my friends from the East Coast sent me text messages alerting me to watch Angel Manalo and Ka Tenny, appealing to the members of their church for help because their lives and some abducted ministers’ lives were in danger.  There was no way I could believe what I was reading from my friends’ messages.  I called my immediate family, and much to my surprise, no one knew anything so we checked out the news, and there it was, in plain sight.  That was one sleepless night for all of us.

Part of us were in denial that there’s truth to what we were reading in social media. It was like a CIRCUS, and at the center of the pandemonium was the Church under fire.  What was to follow next was unprecedented in the history of the Church.

We all have moved on from that denial to acceptance, but yet no one has ever spoken as to what happened prior to that viral video.  Until someone in the FLOCK breaks his SILENCE, we will all be in limbo, hopefully, not forever.

As to what I had written earlier, I have played many conflicting scenarios in my head.  I have argued with my own thoughts and theories, and the only rational thing that stood out the most is the theory that the move is not religious, but rather, political in nature. History reveals that some leaders like Stalin, implemented the Purge, and Mao Zedong used the Hundred Flowers Campaign to get rid of their oppositions to push their own agendas, and the list goes on. Likewise, consider how many nobles and rulers, were murdered by their own families. I am not suggesting someone wants the family killed. This is just my THEORY, as evidenced by HISTORY.

The next question is – What is the agenda?



  1. yup.. you’re definitely right when you said political in nature. that is on the part of whoever is in command now inside the church.. and it was religous ( pag iibigang magkakapatid on the part of ka Angel, Samson and Tenny,..

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    1. yes they all silence members of the INC, because my friend posted a lot of all the events inside the church as she gathered and received loads of information from you tube and facebooks and some blogs in the social media and BRETHREN WORKING INSIDE THE CENTRAL OFFICE,and other internet website, in the end her facebook account was closed and she could not retrieve it .she eventually hire a private scanner in computer and they found out the INC special task force behind it , so I was advised here in London to fight by reporting it to the police but I was apprehended by some members of the INC not to proceed because it will cause too much for the integrity of the church ..Let us just support those brave and courageous brethren and ministers for enlightening us by withholding all our monetary offering until such time that the Sangunian will kneel into their knees for financial help from our monetary offering .SINCE THIS SCANDAL my offering box was overflowing and when I attend the church services I only give the lowest denomination of the currency where I lived that is London united kingdom of great Britain…

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